Lessons from Life for Business

Learn Some MoreThere are a lot of things that you  do as a matter of course in your life that if we did them in our businesses lives, things might run more smoothly:

Be Purposeful

  • Don’t work for just a paycheck–have a purpose to your work, something that fulfills you and supports your values
  • Treat your job with the same integrity that you treat your family, your church, your hobbies

Spend Time With Each Other

We don’t spend much time with each other any more at work.  We don’t know each other deeply or even–  shallowly.   It’s very difficult to be an effective team, to feel like a connected team member, to trust each other enough to deliver extraordinary results without KNOWING each other.  In this day of contractors, offshoring, virtual work, you have to work harder to spend time together in a way that builds powerful relationships.

  • Eat together–even remotely–sharing food is a real way of building closeness.
  • Regularly talk and check in.  Use the marvelous tools that are available–Skype, Lync, IM, Facetime–to reach out to each other.
  • It’s about relationships–focus on building them
  • Listen and support your co-workers

Be Reliable

  • If you say you’ll show up, do it.  If you say you’ll deliver, do it.
  • Be trustworthy.

Create a Balance

  • Create a balance between life/work for yourself and your subordinates.

Have Fun

  • You only get one life, have fun with it
  • Have fun with your co-workers
  • Think about your job in ways that make it fun–don’t be a drudge

What Other Lessons Can We Bring To Our Business Life From Our ‘Real’ Life?

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