Wanna Be Happy At Work?

We spend an awful lot of time at work to spend our time there unhappy. So, if you’re unhappy at work, you need to do something about it.  Years spent unhappily at work are wasted.  There are four ways to get happier at work.

The first thing to do is to figure out WHY you aren’t happy?

  • Is it the job?  Do you not like doing what you do at work?  Are you not well suited for the tasks?
  • Is it the people?  Do you not get along with the people at work?
  • Is it that you don’t feel appreciated or rewarded?

Is it you, or the job?

Before you automatically say that it is the job, think about it harder.  Have you seen this same pattern of unhappiness at other jobs?  With other bosses?  With other co-workers?  If you have a similar pattern of unhappiness in other positions, there may be some way that you are thinking that is contributing to your unhappiness.

If it is the job, you have four choices:

  1. Change WHERE you’re working–go find a job doing the same thing somewhere else. If you really like what you do, but not where you’re doing it, this is your solution.  This applies to situations when your company culture or your co-workers are the problem.
  2. Change WHAT you’re doing–find a different job, doing something else.  You can do this at your current organization–change from marketing to product development, from project management to operations.  Sometimes it’s easier to change what you’re doing at you current company, then move on to another company once you’ve had some experience.  Sometimes it is time to go do your dream job–writing, selling, starting your business.
  3. Change HOW YOU VIEW work–realize that work is a means to an end–it is what you do to be able to afford what you love.  Or it is a way to get to what you want long-term.  When you’re focused on the future, the here and now is much more bearable.
  4. Change the WAY you work–so that you love the work that you have.  Create an environment that motivates you and inspires you to do your personal best.

Whatever you do, do something.  Don’t stay unhappy at work.  It isn’t worth it.  And it is your choice.

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