Appreciate What You’ve Got

This is all going to end.

I know this doesn’t come as news to most of you, but everything we have is quite transient.  Possessions (think hurricane/fire/tornado), health, and even life itself.  There are two ways to approach this fact.  You can live in fear of losing it all, or you can really appreciate what you’ve got.  Including your job.

I’m a consultant.  I have a lot of jobs (serially).  I really like being a consultant.  I like what I get to do and I like the people I meet.  I love that I learn something every single day that I’m working as a consultant.  I especially like the variety.  Ironically, I don’t like leaving my jobs, though, when they are done.  I miss the routine, the company and especially the people.

I started a new gig this week, and today, on my second day, I walked in resolved to appreciate every single day.   I want to appreciate the ups and downs, the people, the tasks, the challenges, and the things that I learn.  The thing is, I know that this will come to an end.  It might be at the end of the contract time frame established up front, or I might get extended, or it might be earlier.  I know, for sure, however, that it will end.  I want to be aware of that every day so that I can appreciate what I’ve got.  I think it will help with the frustrating parts, but I also think it will help with the end—when I leave I know I will have pushed this experience to its limit.  No matter when that is.

How about you?  You’re not a consultant, so it doesn’t apply to you, you say.  I beg to differ.  The job you’re in now will end.  It might be when you retire.  It might be tomorrow.  It might be when you get a new job or a promotion. You might know the end is coming or you might get called into a meeting and get told.  I know someone who once showed up at work and there was a sign on the door.  It will end.

What Would You Miss?

Do you appreciate what you have?  Do you appreciate the people who you work with and see every day?  Do you appreciate the facilities?  The amenities?  The inside jokes?  The get-togethers?  The things that you learn?  If it ended tomorrow, what would you miss?  If you knew when it was going to end, what would you be doing between now and then?  What is your work ‘bucket list’ to do before you leave?

How about getting started on it? (Just in case:-))


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8 responses to “Appreciate What You’ve Got

  1. I had a preacher at my church once start a sermon by saying he had very bad news. He said “none of us are going to get out of here alive”… Then I read another opinion piece in the NYT that kind of made the same point in a slightly different way: “everyone you know is about to die!”

    Well of course these things are both true. We are mortal. And so are our relationship, jobs, friendships and everything else. I think the eastern religions are better about teaching this than our Abrahamic ones.

    What all this has to do with jobs is this: The anxiety pain and torture that some jobs entail have to be weighed in the balance of life. You only have a short amount of time… what are you going to do? Be miserable in the wrong job? Run the risk of economics by walking away and taking your chances on finding a better gig?

    I’ve always felt that I will lean towards the option where I have more say in the matter. When I am in a miserable job, its usually because i am NOT in control of the situation. When I walk away from a job, at least I am in control of how I market myself and steer my career.

    I would rather be unemployed than miserable…. But my wife and family probably have a different perspective.

  2. Glenda Burgeson

    I like the idea of a bucket list, because it allows me to focus on positive things I can control. That’s better than a griper’s list. To continue Jeff’s religious theme, the Benedictines where I work follow the teaching of St. Benedict, who counseled: “Keep death before you daily.” It’s a handy reminder to be mindful of the moment. (Gee, Jo, bet you didn’t expect religious comments on your blog!)

  3. BTW Jo…. I am REALLY enjoying your Blog. Keep it up!

  4. You really have a great perspective and handle on life. I loved this blog, and have passed it on to my staff and Board members. Thank you so much for all that you are and all that you do.

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