You Have To Start To Succeed

Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.

I saw this quote yesterday and LOVED it.  I searched the Internet to try to find the author unsuccessfully, but discovered in the process that this quote has inspired a lot of blog posts.  Rightfully so.  It’s a lot like Nike’s “Just Do It.”  It makes sense, it inspires, and it is right.  If you start, do, work hard, you’ll get there.

Today is June 1.

This is a good day to review your New Year’s Resolutions again. If you don’t have New Year’s Resolutions, that’s ok.  Let’s talk about your goals.  Where do you stand on your goals?  For this year, for this decade, for this life?  Planning, hoping, dreaming of what you want isn’t enough.  It’s a great start, but it isn’t enough.  You have to START.  Just start.  What is the first step?  Write it down.  When will you do it?  How will you know it is done?

Are you committed to your success?  Or are you just hoping for it?  It won’t happen if you don’t DO SOMETHING toward accomplishing it.  Little steps can lead to big journeys.


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One response to “You Have To Start To Succeed

  1. lets see my spouse and i and our family when cyrus was here have four written goals.
    1. to be happy
    2. to learn and grow
    3. to get closer to family
    4. fitness.
    we consistently do great on the first 3 and poorly on the last one.
    these goals have stood the test of time (ten years)

    I have written goals at work (in a software system used for this purpose) and they are constantly changing. Mostly shifting to new opportunities as the ones on the list are filled by others (i didn’t get the job) or new programs emerge (flavor of the day). I am very productive, able to contribute a lot and i make great money doing it. I am learning a lot.

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